Day out in London Town

Day out in London Town

Christmas in London is one of my favourite times of the year. I love seeing all the light displays and the department store windows which line Oxford Street. This year I had the opportunity to go down for the day and do some Christmas shopping while taking in the sights. I even had a few hours to myself while the husband was off watching football with his mum.

It was such a long day, we got a train to arrive just before lunch and got back home just before 2am the following day. It was exhausting, but we saved so much money on not having a hotel room and coming back on the last train to Bristol.

Our day started at Bills Restaurant on Baker Street where we met my mother-in-law for a delicious lunch. I had their Buttermilk Chicken burger and it was so good. We weren’t in a rush so stayed for dessert also, luckily I had a coupon for a free dessert for what I thought was one person. Turned out it was for all three of us. That’s what I call #winning. The service wasn’t the quickest but it meant we could have a good catch up and make plans for Christmas. After all that food we decided to wrap up and go for a walk around the Regent’s Park. We had a stroll around the boating lake and saw more geese than I think I’ve ever previously seen. Do not go to this park if you are scared of ducks and geese…!

We then separated and I walked down to Oxford Street and did a bit of shopping. It was the first time I have ever been shopping by myself in London or spent any real amount of time by myself in London. I have anxiety about things like that but honestly it was fine. The only real issue I had was the total lack of any phone signal, this worried me because my husband was due to text or call me to arrange a meeting point. When it started getting closer to the time we were due to meet I kept diving into shops where there was free WiFi although even this didn’t work in a lot of the stores. I think this was mostly just due to the sheer amount of people but it does show that we might rely on our phones a little too much. I mean, what did we do before we had phones?

The lights were so pretty. I had a look around some of the inside of the department stores as well. A lot of them had the same decorations they had last year which was slightly disappointing although I appreciate that new ones each year would have a considerable cost. One of my favourite displays in a store was Liberty which wasn’t the most Christmassy but it had a stunning hot air balloon which was actually made right here in Bristol. In fact the factory is just down the road from me. We bought a beautiful glass hot air balloon from here to hang on our Christmas tree.

We finished the night with a Shake Shack which is a must-do when in London and enjoyed a stroll around Covent Garden and Carnaby Street. Everyone really must experience Christmas in London at least once. Just remember to wrap up warm and dry, it might be busy and it might be cold but you’ll be rewarded with beauty down every street.

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