Date Night

Date Night

Mondays are always the most hated day of the week aren’t they? I decided to shake things up a bit this week and make it more enjoyable. We had planned from the start of the day to visit the cinema and our intention was to see Fantastic Beast. However when we attempted to buy our tickets at lunchtime we found out the only suitable showing had subtitles. I don’t have anything against subtitles but I would rather see a showing without them. We settled quickly instead on seeing Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. We often visit the cinema on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday as our local one has cheaper showings on these days and my gosh, aren’t cinemas expensive? We also had some money leftover on a gift card we purchased last year as part of their Christmas promotion where if you buy £25 you get an additional £5 for free. We get this deal every year and it saves us a ton of money on films for the following year.

So far, so good. Seeing a film we both wanted to see and so far no cash spent. We then checked online to see if any of the restaurants in Cabot Circus, Bristol had offers on. This is the shopping centre where our cinema is located and it has a great selection of restaurants and fast food venues here. I quickly found the offer for Giraffe where all courses were 2-4-1 and we settled on here.

The restaurant was quite busy when we turned up but we still got seated quickly, it seemed that most of the tables around us were also taking advantage of the fantastic offer. The best bonus offer though once we were seated. 2-4-1 cocktails! I settled on a Pomegranate Bellini and my husband had a Nordic Cosmopolitan and they were delicious as was the food. We even managed to squeeze in a dessert each, I had the Salted Caramel Cheesecake and wow. It was so good, highly recommended. For 2 courses and a cocktail each it only totalled £24 which I thought was an absolute bargain. The food in Giraffe is always tasty and great quality.

The cinema wasn’t too busy tonight and appeared to only be adults at our showing, which considering it’s technically a kids film always amuses me. The film was so-so. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the film but it felt long and parts of it seemed to really drag. Also, and this is a kinda spoiler, but the virus near the end was super creepy – I didn’t like that at all. All of the bits with the Disney Princesses were fantastic and I totally would buy all of their loungewear sets. Parts of the film had my laughing but for me a lot of it just felt flat. I always think that most films are worth watching, everyone likes different things and what is someone’s cup of tea may not be someone else’s. If you do go see the film ensure that you stay till the very end, after the credits. For me this was one of the best parts although everyone else in our showing had left by that point.

I managed to turn this Monday around and started the week on a high and can’t wait to see what the rest of the week holds for me.

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