Visiting the Bristol Cat Cafe

Visiting the Bristol Cat Cafe

It was recently my birthday and one of my friends bought me a ticket to the Cat Cafe where I live. Anyone who knows me will understand what a fantastic present this is, I love cats and was so excited to go stroke all the kitties. The venue is really central, it’s just behind the Hippodrome theatre. I would recommend prebooking, especially if you plan on visiting at the weekend as our time slot was fully booked. When you enter you are shown to your allocated table where you can order food and drinks. Be warned though there is one cat who wants to share your food, he actually jumped onto several tables but he was easy enough to shush away.  You are then free to roam around and play with the cats. There are two rooms, one where the tables are and then another where there are places for the cats to hide and this is also where the gate to the toilets is located.

Most of the cats will sit and play with you, there are lots of toys around to intrigue them and they have loads of space to roam about. Some of the cats chose to sleep the whole time we were there including one of the tiny kittens and others will just choose to watch you from afar. If all the humans get a bit too much for them they do have a safe space they can escape to. By the time we left most of the cats were in here thanks to a young girl who kept chasing them around but I have been assured this isn’t the norm.

If you have a spare hour to kill and share my love of cats (who doesn’t love cats?!) then I highly recommend this place. Its well air-conditioned once inside which is a relief with this hot weather at the moment. They have a good choice of cakes, small bites and drinks. I tried the raspberry lemonade and it was lovely. Also bonus points for bamboo straws, none of this plastic nonsense. I hope to take my husband back soon as I think he would also really enjoy it. If you don’t get a chance to visit then you can walk past and have a look in, most of the cafe has glass windows and there’s often a kitty snoozing away.

It isn’t too expensive to visit here and they offer a loyalty card now also where your tenth visit is free. The group before us had a hen party in there and I think that’s its a really good idea for something a bit different to do. It suits groups, pairs, families and there were even people who turned up alone. It really is for all. Unless you don’t like cats. Don’t go here if you don’t like cats.

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