Peddler Night Market

Peddler Night Market

I had a long overdue weekend in Sheffield recently to visit my friend, it was a very quick visit as we only had two days and also went to visit my mother-in-law in Manchester for brunch and a catch-up. We stayed at the Hilton hotel which was okay, it wasn’t anything special but was somewhere comfortable to rest our head at the end of the night. While waiting for one of our other friends to arrive we had a little wander around the area and ended up at Bole Hill Recreation Ground where we enjoyed some of the playground equipment. To say that these are for kids some of the equipment was intense. I played on this see-saw thing and it spun us so fast and so high, it was great fun but for a small child? Maybe not. We also played on the mini zip-line which is always fun no matter the size. What did surprise me was how tired and worn out I was after this, it was like a workout but so much more enjoyable.

We walked down to Peddler Marker which is only about 30 minutes downhill from my friends flat which was a good way to work up an appetite. There was so much food at the event, something to cater to all tastes. The market is held in a warehouse several times a month from Spring throughout Summer and well worth a visit if you like food, music and a good time. After a good walk and look at all the different caterers we settled on Mac Daddies where I got some deep fried mac n cheese along with a separate normal portion of it with bacon mixed in and bacon bits on top. We shared the deep fried balls but I could easily have eaten it all, the food was so good. Our friends tried a Thai food vendor and recommended this as well although I can’t remember its name. Once we washed our food down with a drink or two we had another walk around and watched the live band outside for a while before grabbing some more cocktails and hitting the dancefloor and DJ booth.

Food and drink were reasonably priced, it isn’t cheap but then you don’t really expect that at an event like this. The food here is unique though, for example, we had some homemade crumpets for a late evening snack. They were delicious and something I had never seen before. I drank several really good (strong) espresso martinis from a local cocktail bar and it felt nice to be supporting the smaller businesses.

The atmosphere was fantastic, everyone was here for a good time and by the end of the night, the dancefloor was packed with people enjoying themselves. It was such a good night and I hope to visit it again sometime soon. Bristol has a few events similar to this such as St Nicks Night Market but there are no dedicated spaces like at Peddler which is a shame as it would be incredibly popular I’m sure.










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