The Unexpected Weekend

The Unexpected Weekend

I love planning and hate the unexpected, the unplanned, the uncertain – but that’s exactly what last weekend was all about and, you know what? I had a brilliant time.

We made some last minute plans to go see some friends in Bath on Saturday afternoon for lunch. We settled on a little cafe called Noya’s Kitchen quite close to the train station. It’s a quaint little cafe where the menu is constantly changing depending on what’s in season and is open limited hours but if you do get the chance it’s worth checking out. My husband had the pork dumplings to start and we both had the chicken curry for our main. It was delicious, the curry was spicy without being too much. We spent the afternoon with an ice cream in Royal Victoria Park in front of the Royal Crescent. The sun was shining and we just enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine and good company for a while.

Our train back to Bristol was cancelled so we ended up on the smaller local service as we had to rush back to Bristol to the cinema. We had pre-booked to see Solo at Showcase, Cinema de Lux using Sinemia. This is a new thing to me, Sinemia, not the cinema obviously. Basically, it’s a subscription service where you pay a monthly fee of £11.99 and you get 4 cinema tickets to use each month. It’s a fantastic offer, I’m honestly not sure how the company makes any profit. I enjoyed Solo, I don’t understand why a lot of the reviews have been so negative of it. It’s the weakest of the Star Wars films for me but it’s still a good film. It made me laugh and kept me on my toes with a few of the plot twists. Personally, my biggest issue with it was the actors, I didn’t really connect to most of the main characters/actors. They chose some really big names who I was used to associating with specific roles and struggled to see past that sometimes through the film. Han Solo and Lando are fantastic though. Don’t just read the reviews, go see this film. You really can’t judge something until you’ve experienced it yourself. Also if you are at Cabot Circus after the sunsets, make sure to check out the stunning hot air balloons installed above the streets. They look great in the daytime too but I loved them lit up at night!

Our Sunday was a last minute trip to Asda for a few bits we had forgotten on the weekly grocery delivery but it was such a nice day we decided to stop in at Windmill Hill City Farm to see the younger animals they have currently. The farm is in a great location, literally a 10-minute walk through Victoria Park to there and they always have lots of animals out to view. Before we had even got into the farm one of the goats had come running over to the fence for a stroke. We had a quick look at the giant rabbits and guinea pigs before heading to the back of the farm to the larger paddocks. This is where they keep the sheep, pigs and goats. Occasionally they have some cows and other animals so its always worth checking the paddocks out.

We were lucky enough to see the lambs playing with each other and the goats. Oh, the goats stole my heart. As soon as we approached the very back paddock you could just hear a bleating and this teeny, tiny little goat came running over to us. He was adorable, he was so soft and had the cutest little stumps where his horns will grow in. He followed us around for a while and even brought some of his siblings over to have a look before he got bored and ran off to another family. The farm was incredibly busy with lots of families visiting and playing, it’s a really fun day out for all ages though.

The weekend was rounded out with a fantastic meal at Banco Lounge in Totterdown and then before I knew it, the weekend was over. It was a bit of a blink and you’ll miss it kind of weekend but I had a lot of fun and can’t wait for more sunshine filled weekends outside now the weather seems to have improved.


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