Chew Valley Animal Park and Lakes

Chew Valley Animal Park and Lakes

Ask anyone in Bristol about an animal farm on the outskirts of the city and I almost guarantee they will talk about Avon Valley however that is not the only one. When my parents came to visit recently we stumbled across Chew Valley Animal Park. Luckily for us we managed to squeeze in a visit before they closed for the Winter.

This place is a hidden gem. If you live in the South of Bristol it is literally only a 10-minute car drive and there is so much to see here. Most of the people who were visiting were families with children but there was also a few couples out for a nice Winters stroll around.

The farm is a family run business set across 8 acres and allows you to get up close to a large variety of animals. They have all the normal farm like animals here including sheep and donkeys but also animals such as skunks.

We bought some of the feed for the animals to enjoy as we were walking around, this was so cheap and allows you to get up even closer to the animals. They love themselves some of the food in those paper bags! There are two types you can buy, goat food or duck food. We plumped for goat feed but the ducks were still around our feet begging for some. It is so interactive here, great fun for all the family.

A lot of the animals are in fenced off areas but some were free to roam around like the baby pigs who were ridiculously cute and a hit with everyone visiting the area. All the animals will come up to you for strokes that are able to. Obviously, in the area with the more exotic animals like skunks you cant touch these but they are great to look at and you can still get close to them.

If you are ever in the area I wholeheartedly recommend that you check this place out.

While in the area it is also worth checking out Chew Valley lakes, despite its name this is actually the water reservoir for the local area. It is really beautiful here though and a lovely walk. There are car parks dotted around and walking routes mapped out and even a cafe for some nosh.


Chew Lakes sunsets


Posing by the lake


Farm sheep


One of the many hungry goats


Gorgeous Shetland pony


Cute donkey


Girl on the Hill

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