Washington D.C. – Day Two

Washington D.C. – Day Two

Our second day in Washington was another quiet one, we both felt so ill so when my husband got up to go to his conference I took advantage of a lie in in the hopes it would make me feel better. It didn’t. I eventually got up and made my way out of the hotel around lunch time, the husband had another meeting he needed to attend in the afternoon but he did have a few hours spare so we tried to squeeze in some touristy things.

We walked over to Union Station from our hotel which only took around 20 minutes. The building is beautiful and well worth a visit to see its grand halls and ornate ceilings. It also has a small shopping centre and food court attached. The food court has a large range available and would likely have something to please all appetites.  We chose to eat at ShakeShack because, well yummy burgers. Washington Union Station is the second busiest station in America based on the amount of passengers that use it but thankfully it wasn’t too busy when we visited and this made it easy getting around the building to see the sights.

When my husband went off to his second meeting I decided to have a browse in the Smithsonian Postal Museum which is located next door. All of the Smithsonian Museums have free entry along with a few other museums located in Washington. As previously mentioned I have always wanted to visit these museums. The Postal Museum is one which most people probably overlook but it was really fascinating. What mainly attracted me was the PostSecret Exhibition which was being held there; I love this movement and used to actually own several of the books.

I enjoyed wandering around here alone which is not something I would normally ever consider doing. I took my time and made sure to see all the exhibitions I was interested in, due to the fact I had quite a bit of time to kill I also played with all of the interactive games. My favourite of which was a pretend sorting office where it records how long it takes for you to sort mail for the right states and towns, a lot harder than it sounds I can assure you! The museum has loads of interesting exhibits and artefacts to view, including a stuffed Owney who was a stray Border Terrier adopted as the first unofficial postal mascot. There were some really interesting stamps on display too including extremely rare misprint stamps, this sounds boring I know but I found it fascinating.

That night we were both tired and feeling under the weather so we had a quick bite to eat, visited the pharmacy and headed back to the hotel for an early night. Although we didn’t do much this day it really helped us to get our bearings for Washington a bit more and have a look around some of the further out neighbourhoods. We had a busy schedule planned for the next day and needed to sleep to try and help ourselves feel better.


The Hall at Union Station


Shopping Centre at Union Station


Smithsonian Postal Museum


Train carriage at Smithsonian Postal Museum

Girl on the Hill

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