Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

As part of my holiday fortnight, we also managed to squeeze in a few other adventures along with the week-long visit to Greece. One of our other activities was the Beauty and the Beast afternoon tea at The Kensington Hotel in London. As soon as I saw this appear on my Facebook newsfeed at the start of the year I knew that I had to experience it. Nearly all the slots were fully booked but by chance one night I found an available time on a random Thursday in July so booked it. This worked out quite well as it meant we were in London and made it easier to get to Gatwick for our next trip abroad. More about that later though.

We arrived at the hotel quite early with our suitcases in hand ready for our flight later that night, from the moment we stepped into reception though the staff here could not have been more helpful. It’s a posh hotel, but you are not made to feel unwelcome unlike in some other five star hotels I have visited. We were promptly shown to the back seating area where the afternoon tea is located and after checking our booking were informed our table was ready and they could seat us early.

The room you take tea in was beautiful, it was a modern looking library with sets of tables and chairs set up around it, this went through into a larger room with a fireplace and a mantelpiece which was adorned with characters from Beauty and the Beast. We sat on one of the middle tables and had a fantastic view of all the beautiful decoration around us. I noted that there were not many tables which is likely the reason that it was near impossible to get tickets for this.


You are first given a menu of all the different teas available and on the back it details the food you get as part of the afternoon tea. They then take your order and come back with a small teapot of whatever you ordered; I went for the English Breakfast tea which was lovely. Then comes the food, oh wow the food is amazing.

You get a three-tier stand full of cakes and finger sandwiches and then a plate of brioche breadsticks with some dipping sauces, these are in place of the traditional scones you might normally be served. The food looks fantastic, every detail is thought out and you almost don’t know where to start.  When eating something new like this I always start with the thing I least want to eat so I tried some of the sandwiches. I have a total sweet tooth so wanted to leave the cakes to the end as that would be the flavour I would remember and take away with me.

On the top tier you get a little shot of jelly which when first presented is upside down and resembles the rose from the films, the server explains that you actually turn this the correct way and pour some of the cream from Mrs Potts into the top before eating. This little jelly pot was amazing; it tasted so good and had actual gold leaf in it. The poshest jelly I have ever eaten for sure. There is also a chocolate Cogsworth which was delicious but really, really rich, I actually struggled to eat all of him despite his tastiness.

There is a small cup which is made to resemble Chip and he has a small tag attached to him asking you to “try the grey stuff” which is of course one of the most famous lines from the film. I have actually tried the grey stuff while on holiday in Disney World but this was different. It was still very nice and the brioche with chocolate dip was amazing. You even get a little cookie pre-packaged ready to take away with you. This was perfect for a quick snack on our plane trip later that night.

The highlights were, of course, the china chip cup and the Mrs Potts teapot, although this was only used for cream. The servers were great and ensured that everyone had one of the light up Lumieres on their table for the perfect photo opportunity. It’s not cheap, nothing Disney is, but it’s something you are only going to do once. It was great fun and I personally felt well worth the money.

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