My last few weekends have been filled with family time, I have had different members of my family come to stay with us recently and it has been lovely.

First up was my brother and his fiancé, they haven’t been over to visit our house in over 2 years and after a bit of nagging finally booked some flights from their home in France to come for a long weekend. Our house has had a few changes since they last visited including a new front door, a new bathroom, new kitchen, dining room and the main bedroom has been changed. I was keen to show off all my hard work and they seemed to love it. We spent the evening in the beer garden at the local pub before heading home to eat a takeaway pizza and soak up the last bit of sunshine in the back garden.

We did a bit of shopping while they were here for their weddings outfits. This was actually a fairly easy afternoon; neither of them took long to pick their respective dress and suit and we celebrated with a cocktail in the sunshine at Vodka Revolutions. That night we went out for more drinks to a secret cocktail bar called Red Light, this was great fun. It’s a doorway at the bottom of Park Street which is covered in graffiti with a little red light and a telephone box. You pick up the telephone to call someone inside the bar and if there is space available they will buzz you through. Once inside you go deep underground and there’s a real speakeasy/prohibition feel to the place, the staff are great and really know their stuff when it comes to drinks. The cocktails were spot on and not too expensive at around £8 each.

It was the May bank holiday when they came to visit and for once the sun decided to shine, we took advantage of this and went on a day out to Bath. After catching the train we walked along the Avon Canal around the edge of the town and into the Holburne Museum. We showed off the sights of Bath while stopping every once in a while for a quick drink in the many pub gardens and bars that spill out onto the streets. Bath is a lovely city with some great history to it but unfortunately with the nice weather comes all the other tourists and I personally feel that this can make the city unpleasant to visit sometimes due to overcrowding. We ate that night in our favourite restaurant in the city, Absurd Bird. They never disappoint with their chicken and waffles!


The next weekend we had my parents visiting, it has been around 6 months since they were last in the UK and they also wanted to do some shopping and get their wedding outfits but first Take That. We were super lucky that we managed to get 4 tickets to their show at the Genting Arena in Birmingham and as we set off in the car for the venue we were all excited to see them perform. The journey itself up there wasn’t fun, it took a long time and was a good job that we all managed to finish work early. We pre-booked the parking at the NEC which meant we were at the closest car park to the venue and should have first access off at the end of the night also which was great. What we didn’t expect was the torrential rain and the fact that even though we were close it was still a good 10-15 minute walk. Thankfully there was a separate entrance set up for priority car parking so we managed to get into the building quickly and didn’t have to queue in the rain like hundreds of other people were. The opening act was All Saints who were a bit of surprise, I had forgotten how many good songs they had and enjoyed a little warm up sing along and dance before the boys came on stage.

Take That of course did not disappoint, they never do. They put on a spectacular show every time I go to see them, they sang a lot of their older songs which was fine, and the only one I didn’t recognise was a song from 1992. The stage set up was really clever and they performed ‘in the round’ style so everyone had a good seat.


It was so nice to see my family and spend time with them but come the end of all the visits I was exhausted and ready for a few days of R&R. My husband was away at the WWDC in San Jose so I took full advantage of a couple of nights having the house all to myself and relaxing before the next weekend and my next day trip away to London. More about that in the next blog.

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