Weekend in France

Weekend in France

As I mentioned previously on the blog my parents live in France in the Poitou-Charante region. We managed to get some cheap flights via an easyJet sale and it only cost the two of us £80 return. At that price it’s rude not to go isn’t it?

The actual journey for us to get to France is pretty simple, it’s one of the many perks of living in Bristol. We walk 15 minutes to Temple Meads train station where we get the Airport Flyer to Bristol Airport and now the airport has been renovated it takes very little time to get through security and before you know it you are on the flight and on your way to your holibobs. Due to getting through security so quickly we had a bit of time to have a look at some of the new parts of the airport. We went out on the roof terrace which was lovely if not still a bit nipper in the winds. I’m sure in summer this terrace will be packed with sun seekers.

Our flight over was easy, we set off early and we landed over twenty minutes early also, thankfully my parents were already at the airport waiting. Flying into Billi at Bordeaux Airport is an experience, once you get your suitcase that’s it, you are literally out in the car park, there is no waiting area for family and friends greeting you.  There is a larger terminal next door though which has cafes, waiting rooms and more than the one toilet currently available in Billi.

We only had a few days here and spent the first of these relaxing. We had a Full English breakfast down at the Etang Vallier Clubhouse, everyone here knows everyone else so we also had a little chat with the owner who is lovely. It’s great down here, it’s really relaxed and in the summer you can sit out on the decking by the lake and watch the sunset over the calm waters. We had a walk around the lake after our filling breakfast before heading back to the house.

The weather was stunning, a lot warmer than we had anticipated for March time but it meant that we could sit out on the loungers by the pool and sip a few cocktails. Of course the downside to this was that none of us actually realised how strong the sun was and that night all had a slight lobster-like glow to us. It was so nice though to sit, relax and just enjoy the warmth of the sunshine and made even more special for being with family.


We decided to take advantage of the lovely weather and venture out the next day, we settled on a visit to Perigueux in the Dordogne region. This is a medieval city and somewhere we haven’t visited before, the sat-nav took us a lovely scenic route past fields full of horses and quaint little houses in picture-perfect villages.

We had lunch in one of the many squares before setting off for a walk around the older part of the city. This took us along the riverside to get a stunning view of the Cathedral of Saint Front. There has been some form of religious building on this site since 1047 and throughout the years has been expanded and now dominates the city skyline.

You can spend hours walking around the small, cobbled streets in the medieval  area of the town and never see the same street twice. There are loads of hidden squares with cafes spilling out into them where the locals were enjoying the early Spring sunshine. We of course took advantage of this and had a cheeky little midday ice-cream. That night back at the house in Brossac we were greeted by a stunning sunset to end a perfect short break in France. Before we knew it, we were back on our way to the airport and on our way to Bristol.




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