Everybody loves a laugh don’t they? Well my last week has been jam-packed full of laughter and enjoying company with good friends.

It all started on Monday when I went to Colston Hall to see a comedy show, the comedian was Justin Moorhouse on his People and Feelings tour. My husband used to work with him when they were both in the radio industry in Manchester and this was one of the first shows he has done in a while in the South of England. Unfortunately the show didn’t sell out but it was a good turnout none-the-less. The show itself was in the Lantern Room in Colston Hall which holds I believe around 300 people and used to be the bar for the main auditorium, however the venue has undergone a massive refurbishment in recent years and the bar is now elsewhere. They have added on a new, modern building to the side of the current older theatre which is all open plan with a few bars and a restaurant in it which are also open while there is no show on. It’s well worth a walk through to see if you are ever in the area; it’s a pretty distinguishable building with a modern gold front.

We stayed behind to say hello to Justin as it’s been many years since my husband saw him and it was lovely to catch up if only briefly. It was a lovely night out and cheered up an otherwise gloomy rainy Monday. He is back in Bristol in June with The All-Star Stand-Up tour and we have already bought our tickets for this and can’t wait.

Some friends contacted us later in the week asking if we wanted to go meet them for some food, we soon settled on trying Berthas as none of us had been before but all wanted to try it. This place has been in Bristol for a while but recently was featured in The Guardian and this has caused somewhere of a boom in popularity. You can’t book a table here unless you are a table of 8 or more according to the website though. Thankfully we turned up early enough to get a table upstairs, there aren’t many tables as the venue is quite small but this just adds to the atmosphere of the place. It’s very relaxed and the menu is pretty basic, they serve pizzas, more specifically sourdough pizzas. They serve locally sourced beers and ales and the soft drinks are also from the surrounding area, one of our group did ask for a cuppa tea though and was told they don’t sell any hot drinks so that may be worth keeping in mind.


Berthas is located in the new area of Wapping Wharf, it is so pretty down here and in a great location for anyone South of the river. There are lots of smaller cafes and restaurants here and if you look on the website plenty more are scheduled to open which will make this a real hotspot.

I settled on a “meat and heat” pizza which was mozzarella, pepperoni and honey. It was phenomenal. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about this pizza, you have to go try it yourself to understand why I say this. The price here is great also, all pizzas are made fresh to order and average around £7-£10 depending on toppings. My husband tried the “sausage party” pizza and he only had great things to say about this also.

My week ended seeing my favourite people, my college friends. I know that I have wrote about them before but I really do love catching up with them. We went to Birmingham to a hotel called Plough and Harrow for afternoon tea, it’s a very easy train journey for me to make and I’m finally at the point where I understand how to get around Birmingham New Street since it’s been updated. I had a bit of a wait while my friend Cherry arrived from Sheffield so popped into Joules and bought a pretty bag in the sale that I’ve had my eye on for a while.

It was so lovely to catch up with everyone, one of the women brought her twin girls along who have just turned one and they were totally adorable. We have been to the Plough and Harrow before, about a year ago and for the price we paid it was fantastic, it’s a shame that this time it seemed to have really let itself go. The choice of cakes was reduced, as were the size of the cakes themselves. The sandwiches were flavourless and the bread hardened, one of the girls found shell in her egg mayonnaise sandwich! The scones were flat although these tasted amazing and came with loads of clotted cream and jam. The service here left a lot to be desired also, we ordered drinks that never turned up and service was non-existent in terms of getting more tea or coffee. Despite all this we had a great laugh and I can’t wait to see them all again.

To round off a fantastic week I had my weigh-in for Weight Watchers on the following Monday, having spent both Friday and Sunday eating out I was concerned but hurrah! I lost 3.5lbs, this has taken my total to 9lbs lost in 6 weeks so I earned my silver seven reward and my 5% certificate, I’m aiming to have lost a total of 1 stone by the end of this month.

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