Memories of 2016

Memories of 2016

The end of January is rapidly approaching and I can’t help but feel that I have achieved nothing so far this year, of course there are valid reasons for this. Both myself and my husband have been struck down by consecutive colds and after a busy December, we wanted to take time out and relax. With all this free time I have been busy making plans for the rest of the year, I have lists coming out of my ears at the moment with ideas for travelling, home decoration and the grand plan to make this the year I finally lose the weight!

I am a serial dieter, if I really try then I can lose weight and this has always been the way but I’m starting to find that the older I get the harder this is becoming. For my wedding I was at what I considered my ideal weight, I was a size 10/12 and felt great but the weight has slowly been creeping back on and I’m starting 2017 9lbs heavier than I have ever been previously. I know exactly how it came to this, I ate and I drank what I liked for the last year and I had a great time but it can’t continue this way forever so last week I made the decision to join Weight Watchers and I have set a target to lose at least 1 stone by my brother’s wedding in August.  

To be honest I have no regrets from last year, not even the weight gain. I had a fantastic time and made so many amazing new memories with family and friends, I travelled exotic faraway places that I never imagined I would get to go in my lifetime and made my first transatlantic flight by myself, which for someone who suffers anxiety was a massive achievement!

2016 started with my Mum’s 60th birthday in La Rochelle, France. We stayed in a beautiful little boutique hotel near the harbourside and feasted on pizza in one of the most authentic Italian restaurants I have ever been to. This harbour town is beautiful; I have previously visited in summer when it was much busier but in the winter months when tourist trade is at its low point you really get to appreciate it’s beauty. The winter sun setting over the harbour was stunning.

In March we travelled to Japan, now there is a phrase I never thought that I would say! As previously mentioned on the website both myself and my husband are massive Disney fans and when my brother suggested that we go out to Asia to meet him while he was travelling we thought well why not visit Tokyo? For any Disney fan this is the absolute best park to go to, the theming was beyond anything I had seen in other Disney Parks I have visited. From here we travelled to Koh Samui, Thailand where we met my brother and basically spent a week in paradise. On our first night there we saw the most beautiful sunset whilst sipping cocktails on the beach and this kind of relaxation and beauty just continued through the rest of the holiday. I really didn’t want to leave Koh Samui and this newfound love of beaches and sunshine has been the inspiration for this year’s holiday again. I will get around to writing a full blog about Tokyo and Thailand soon so watch this space!

June was a busy month, we went to see one of our favourite bands Coldplay in Manchester and we had a weekend in London for my birthday. I managed to get a really good deal for cocktails and dessert in the Savoy and we booked a night in the beautiful M by Montcalm in Shoreditch. Both of these weekends were brilliant fun and it was even beautiful sunshine both times which is unheard of in Britain in summertime!

We ended the summer in France at my parents place and had a family get-together as my brother had returned from his travels. Again the sun was shining and it was the perfect way to finish off Summer, we went around the distillery for Remy Martin in the Cognac region and visited Angoulême for some yummy Italian food in the old city. 

In September work commitments took my husband off to Nashville, USA and I decided to join him at the end of the week to enjoy a long weekend in Tennessee. To some this probably seems like an insane idea but realistically I was never going to get this chance again so off I took myself to Heathrow and got my first ever transatlantic flight all by myself. I have previously flown to France alone but that’s an hour and a journey I had made so many times previously I knew exactly what to expect. My flight to America even included a connection. I did it though and it’s safe to say that I left my heart in Nashville.

Another item we ticked off our list in 2016 was visiting the Weston-Super-Mare Carnival. For the last 9 years we have lived in Bristol we have said we would visit this and every year found an excuse not to go. This show is fantastic! Seriously, if you are ever in Somerset around November time put this on your to do list.

December wrapped up a fantastic year with trips to Amsterdam to celebrate ten amazing years with my husband, quickly followed by Christmas with family and we ended the year in Disneyland Paris watching fireworks explode over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.


After writing back all the things I achieved last year I am super excited to see what’s in store for me in 2017 and I can’t wait to find out!

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