Here comes Winter

Here comes Winter

Remember, remember the fun of November. I love this time of the year, it’s when the nights start to get dark and you can enjoy cosy nights in on the sofa cuddling with your significant other. November is also the time for fireworks and bonfires.

Our local park, Victoria Park in Windmill Hill, hosts a bonfire every year. Fireworks are banned due to health and safety but you often find a lot of families taking small firework sets down to let off for everyone to enjoy. Hundreds of people attend this annual event and the fact that it is on my doorstep is fantastic, I love slipping on my wellies and heading towards the glow of that warm fire. We spend the rest of the evening in the garden being silly with sparklers; I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of enjoying sparkler and bonfires.


Of course there are other displays that take place throughout Bristol but most of these are all out in the ‘burbs and therefore difficult to get to. I remember our first year in Bristol there was a spectacular display on the Downs but this was cancelled the following year and has never been on again which I always think is a pity for people who live in the City. We did however attend the first fireworks at the harbourside; this was done to launch the Christmas Market that they’ve set up and the ice-skating rink. The display was small and didn’t last very long, we later found out this was due to some misfiring fireworks but it was still fun to see them and the Christmas tree plus we had a nice meal out.

With this being my blog and me being me of course I have to point out that the best firework displays are to be found in the Disney Parks around the world. No matter how many times I have seen these they never fail to make me oooh and aaah.

Another local thing this time of the year is the carnivals that they have in North Somerset, I have seen this so many times on the local news and we have planned to attend it the last few years but the weather has had other thoughts. That is until this year, I checked and double checked the predicted weather report throughout the day and no rain was expected so off we went to Weston-super-Mare on the train.  

The parade is fantastic; you can’t believe this is a little local thing when you see the level of skill that has gone into some of the floats. It takes a long time for all the floats to go around so be prepared to stand there for at least 2 hours in the freezing cold, some clever people in front of us had chairs and next year I would try and do the same. Every time one of the larger floats came past you got a lovely blast of warmth from the lights which would take the edge off the cold. I can only imagine how hot it must have been for the performers under all those lights though.

My favourite two floats were the Mexican Day of the Dead one and the Steel Workers one, my favourite tableaux one was by far the Great Fire of London.

Next up on the action-packed few months is the husband’s birthday, he will be turning 32 years young and then after that a friend’s wedding and then the Christmas celebrations begin. December is looking to be jam-packed with something planned for all the weekends including a trip to Amsterdam for our 10 year anniversary and Disneyland Paris for New Year’s celebrations.

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