Weekend farm trips

Weekend farm trips

Here is something you may not know about me but my closest friends are not from university or school but are in fact my friends from college. I met these girls when I was just 16 years old (well one of them from school before that) and we were inseparable during college years, we spent all our breaks and lunch times together and had many a party at the weekends. The thing is that I didn’t live local to my college and getting together required a lot of pre-planning and kindly asking parents for lifts.

Now we are all grown up and older, we have been off to university or travelled around the world and have ended up spread across the country and our meet ups still require a lot of pre-planning but as adults we have a lot more control of this. We all have our own lives though and some of them have children so finding a weekend when we are all free can be difficult, we currently we meet about twice a year. These times that we meet up are fantastic, it is like we have not been apart at all, those girls will always be there for me and I for them.

Our most recent meet ups in the last 12 months included a 30th Great Gatsby themed party last July in Cheltenham which was awesome! We then met in Birmingham in November last year for an afternoon tea and a good natter. This time we went to the Cotswold Farm Park, I personally had never heard of this place, I have heard of the wildlife park and have in fact been there so I was quite excited to be going somewhere new.


A few of us without our partners there and without any children met up earlier and went for afternoon tea in Bourton on Water…are you sensing a theme here yet about us liking cake?! The idea was to have a little walk around but it seemed the rest of the Cotswold also had the same idea, the place was rammed so after some food we set off a bit earlier for the farm.

There was so much to do here, we got there about 1pm and we were the last out the farm at the end of the day also. We had decided early on that although we are grownups we didn’t plan to behave like it and just wanted to have fun, this included activities like 5 of us on the see-saw and going on the swings while going so high that our feet were touching in the middle. They have a little indoor area, this has some awesome looking electric tractors for kids and then there’s some enclosures with animals in like goats, sheep and rabbits. Here you can sit down with one of their lap boards and they bring you a rabbit to play with, there was totally no judgement here about the fact we were adults, in fact there were other groups of adults doing the same. I got paired with a stunning black bunny and I totally fell in love and I’d like to think that the rabbit felt the same way also. You can then go on to hold one of the baby chicks, they are so soft and fluffy and I was initially really worried I might hurt it but as soon as it was placed into my hands it started to just drift off into a sleep with his little beak resting on my hand. It was a level of cuteness that is previously unheard of.


You can then go off outside to see the goats and piglets and sheep in the paddocks, it’s here that you can feed the animals with the bag of food you buy at the entrance. The goats and donkeys were surprisingly gentle while nibbling at the food, I eventually persuaded one of my friend’s children to feed some of the goats with me as she was initially a bit hesitant, she loved it. She would only feed them one bit a time though but the goats were so patient, I guess they are just used to it. The theme in the paddocks is to travel through time, there are several rare breeds here and some of them spectacular to look at, there was one goat who had 4 horns which I had never seen before.

The day was wrapped up with an ice-cream in the sunshine and sitting around having a good catch up. I honestly have not laughed that much in such a long time, the day was perfect, the weather was perfect and the company could not be beaten.

I can’t wait for the next time we all get together!

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