Lucky me!

Lucky me!

I’m about to embark on another amazing trip abroad with my lovely husband, we are spending a long weekend in Nashville and I could not be more excited. The only issue with this is the travelling over there by myself, the longest I have ever flown by myself is to my parents in France so I am very nervous about doing long haul but knowing my husband is at the other side waiting for me is a massive incentive. He is over there now for a conference and I am flying out later in the week to have some fun.

Sometimes it really hits home about how lucky I am to have met my husband, we have done so much travelling in recent years and there really is nothing better than travelling and making memories with your best friend.

A lot of our trips tend to revolve around Disney, we went to Tokyo earlier this year to go to Disney and spent a day in the city, somewhere that I have to go back to for longer. We have also took in the sights of California, San Francisco and Las Vegas while visiting Disney parks and of course the most amazing Disney of them all, Florida where we swam with dolphins and hung out with super heroes in Universal Studios.

Our mini-moon was spent in Stockholm, we love long weekends in Europe and have booked a trip away to Amsterdam later in the year for our 10 year anniversary. One of our first weekends away was to Budapest which was awesome and we went to Copenhagen last Winter to see Tivoli Gardens. Hopefully there will be many more long weekends away in Europe, one of the many perks of living in beautiful Bristol is having an airport so close by.

I have seen some amazing sights that I never dreamed I would see and knowing that my best friend, my soul mate was by my side to witness it all with me makes it even more special.

Anyways I have complied a list of my favourite 5 things to have seen (you would not believe how many times I rewrote this list):

  1. A shuttle launch in Florida
  2. Flying in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon
  3. All of the Disney park visits, but particularly my 30th at Disneyland California
  4. San Francisco
  5. Sitting on the beach in Koh Samui and watching the most beautiful sunset


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