Who is the girl on the hill?

Who is the girl on the hill?

Introductions are in order I guess of who I am and what this is all about. Basically I want to take it old school and write a diary,  this blog will be my online diary that I share with the world. Growing up I had a diary and found it extremely therapeutic writing in it each night, of course it was one of those naff ones with a pink padlock on and most of what I wrote in there was nonsense about some boy at school but that’s a long time ago now.

Starting at the beginning, I am a thirty something year old living in Bristol in a beautiful area called Windmill Hill…hence the name. My main things that I enjoy doing in life consist of travelling, seeing family and friends and spending time with my husband and our house. I’m not originally from Bristol, or even the South of England, it’s taken me a while to get here. See I was born in the North of England but at the age of 5 moved to the Scottish Borders where I grew up, then with my dad’s work we moved to Swindon and the South at 13 years old. This was a tough time to move but honestly I have no regrets, it’s made me who I am today and as you can imagine my accent it somewhat a jumble so I always stand out in a crowd!

I moved to Bristol 9 years ago with my now husband, we had been dating for around 6 months at the time but our relationship was long distance with him living in Manchester and seeing him only at weekends was hard. Honestly it was perfect, we have never regretted the decision and he has opened up my world so much since I met him.

I love travelling with my husband and we have had some amazing adventures together, most of our travel experiences generally include a trip to Disney Park as we are both massive Disney nerds. I have been fortunate enough to have visited both Disneyland and Disney World twice and been to Disneyland Paris and most recently earlier this year we made it to Tokyo Disneyland Resort. Our favourite place to holiday in my opinion is America, we have spent several holidays here seeing some amazing places like Florida, San Francisco, New York, LA, Las Vegas and we are due to visit Nashville later in the year.

Of course being based in Europe we do also a lot of travelling here, we are lucky really that our city has an airport as my parents live in France and my brother has recently moved over there also after a year of travelling around India and Asia but it also opens up a whole world to visit without having to drag your suitcases all the way to London.

We are currently renovating our beautiful little house and there will be updates on this as and when it is done, we have just finished the kitchen and not being biased but I think it looks flipping awesome. Still deciding on what room to do next but really want to get on and get the house done.

So yeah, that is a very brief overview of me and what I want this to be about. There will be shorter posts when I don’t have much on and longer posts when I do something exciting or feel a need to waffle on and vent about life.  Please hang around and check out some of my other pots, I’m currently in the process of writing up a travel post that should be up in a few days which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Girl on the Hill

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